This is a collaboration on a complete nonfiction book manuscript of up to 80,000 words. The process begins by honing the concept, identifying the target audience, and articulating the promise to the reader. We then complete a full outline that will serve as a blueprint during the writing process. In most cases, we start at the beginning and tackle the first chapter to make sure we capture the tone and voice before moving forward with the rest of the book. Authors can come into the process at different stages. Some have no material and want to begin from scratch. Others have some or even all of a book written but know they need help. Every project is different, so the process can vary depending on the circumstances. If interested, please contact me for a free consultation to discuss your project.


My role as developmental editor is to help the author improve the structure and/or content of their nonfiction book. This type of edit focuses on the big picture items so the author can work to craft the best possible book on their own. This can occur during or after writing the manuscript. Developmental editing can include proofreading if the author feels that it is valuable, but it’s not essential for every project. Please note that proofreading is different than copyediting. If the service includes proofreading, we will complete the process with a clean draft, but I am not a copy editor, so I encourage all authors to have their manuscripts copyedited before they go out into the world.


This can be very similar to a developmental edit, and there is often overlap, but my role as a coach is typically more hands-off than as a developmental editor. Coaching varies depending on the author’s needs. Some authors need a weekly check-in to discuss different issues related to writing the book. Others want an extra set of eyes to make sure they remain on track or have brainstorming sessions about how to proceed. I always review the material and we discuss it during our calls


Many authors know they want to write a nonfiction book but first want to test the waters to see if there is a market for their project. That’s what a book proposal is for, and it can be written before or after the manuscript is complete. Please note that I am not an agent or salesperson. I can point you in the right direction, help you target publishers or agents, and work with you to craft a query letter, but I can’t sell your manuscript.


This service is utilized by authors and non-authors alike. Anyone with a book, business, fund, podcast, or YouTube channel can benefit from written content. What that content is and how it’s utilized can vary depending on your goals and your business, so we work together to craft content that provides the most value for your target audience.

“I owe Ryan Dempsey a life debt. He took twenty years of notes and created something out of nothing. He worked tirelessly, asking me questions, creating outlines, and listening to me go on and on. In the end, he helped me create a manuscript that I am so proud of. Ryan made everything so easy. He laid out a plan, and he really helped me execute it. Even when I ran in every direction, his clear vision led me down the right path. He would be my first choice every time.”

Kim Shapira
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